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Summer Shape Up Fitness Program

Summer Shape Up Fitness Program


Basics aren’t basic and you will revisit exercises, sometimes with different variations and emphasis, in each class to help you build skill and resilience. Consistently mastering the basics will ALWAYS serve you well and provide you with the skills you need to live an active life for the long haul.


This program consists of 8 full body workouts plus bonus full body Pilates and Mobility workouts for a total of 10 full body workouts. You also receive 8 weeks of programming for 2x/week and 3x/week schedules. Choose the option that best suites your goals and schedule. You will have lifetime access to the workout playlist. All workouts can be performed any time with minimal equipment. 


All full body workouts are between 35 to 40 minutes long. They are programmed into sections with a Pilates based warm up, strength training circuit using dumbbells, followed by a yoga inspired cool down. You can easily break it up into sections if you don't have time to complete the full workout. Make it work for you!


It is always recommended that you consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program. While the exercises and programming in this program are generally tolerated well by most individuals, there is no one size fits all approach. 

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