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Survive To Thrive

This is a 1:1 coaching program for women recovering from breast surgery

**Participants need to be cleared by their physician to participate in light ROM and strength exercise

Why did I write this program?

As a 30 year physical therapist veteran, I've worked with dozens of women post breast cancer surgery who present with shoulder, back, neck and jaw pain and/or restrictions. They wanted to resume a normal active life but didn't know how or where to begin. ​Many of the symptoms and movement restrictions they were experiencing could have been mitigated with proper and early intervention.
This is why creating this program became a no brainer. I knew I had to write a program that would provide people post breast cancer surgery with the tools they needed to get started on their path to healing and transform themselves from surviving to thriving. 


Here's what my former clients had to say:

Thank you so much for your time and guidance. I didn't know where to begin. I was so afraid to touch my scar. Everything was so sensitive to touch after radiation. I use the self-massage techniques every night and it's made such a big difference in how I feel and sleep. 


I couldn't believe how quickly I started to lose mobility and strength in my arm after surgery. Even breathing felt like it was a challenge sometimes. I'm so glad I found you. The mobility and breathing exercises feel amazing.


I wish I started with you sooner. The pain in my neck and shoulder, I realize it just kept getting worse because I was afraid to do anything at all. I can pull my shirts over my head and reaching behind my back so much better now. I know I have to keep up with it so I can keep getting stronger. Thank you so much!


Who Is it for?

If you fit the following criteria:

Have had one of the following procedures:



-breast reconstruction

-breast reduction

-breast biopsy


And Experience 3 or more of the following symptoms:


-loss of sensation


-difficulty breathing

-loss of mobility in the shoulder, neck, or back

-pain in the shoulder, neck or back

-TMJ symptoms


-you have been cleared by your physician to participate in light to moderate ROM and strengthening exercises

I wrote this program for you!

Senior woman exercise with dumbbells at home . happy mature woman doing arm workout using
Working Out at Home

What's Included:

If you're ready to return to living an active life after breast surgery but find yourself limited by pain, edema, loss of mobility and strength, and you don't know where to start this program is for you!

You will receive:

*1 Initial Assessment ($150 value)

*7 weekly 1:1 coaching sessions ($1,050 value)

where I will teach you how to:

-desensitize and mobilize your scars

-manage lymphedema

-improve breathing

-mobilize your ribcage, shoulder, neck and jaw

-gradually return to strength training

*You will receive a video playlist ($250 value)

 including instructions on:

-Mobilizing your surgery scars

-Stimulating lymphatic flow and minimize edema

-Release restriction in your neck and jaw

Plus: access to me M-F with < 24 hour response time

Total Value: over $1450

Package Pricing:

Pay in Full   $999.00 

Financing Option

*2 monthly payments $549

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