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Inside and Out: Balanced Body Workshop Bundle

Inside and Out: Balanced Body Workshop Bundle


The more you know, the more empowered you become!

Inside and Out:  If you suffer chronic ankle sprains, knee and hip pain or mobility issues, difficulty with balance, dizziness or vertigo, this Workshop bundle is for you!


You shouldn't need an advanced degree to understand and learn about your body! This educational workshop bundle is designed for the lay person and is designed to provide you with invaluable knowledge and practical insights.


Our bodies are a compilation of systems that need to work in harmony with one another. When any one or combination of those systems fails to function optimally, it can manifest in any number of ways from chronic nagging aches and pains, balance issues, re-injuries, and a whole lot more. 


This workshop bundle includes "Perfectly Balanced Bodies Workshop" where you will learn about the systems that have to work together in order for you to maintain your balance. You also will learn about vestibular disorders that are common in midlife like vertigo and BPPV. Following the educational component of this workshop, I will take you through a  guided mini self assessment to help you learn about factors that may be contributing to your balance difficulties and mobility issues.


You will also receive a copy of the "The Foot and Ankle Workshop" where you will learn  about common foot and ankle injuries associated with lack of  mobility and strength. I will explain why your chronic knee, hip, and or back pain might have more to do with your feet than the source of your pain. 


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