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African American female athlete with a pair of dumbbells in her hands performing the seate

GenX Flex


A DIY Fitness Program Designed For Women in Midlife

Are you ready to kick off your health and fitness journey at a budget friendly price?

I Got You!

No one should feel held back from reaching their health and wellness goals due to budget concerns. And with the rising cost of everything, we're all watching our purse strings a little more closely.

And I know, trying to piece together a fitness program from 30 second social media posts won't get you very far when it comes to remaining active in midlife. And most generic programs don't offer movement options or programming with options to help you navigate those difficulty days when life gets in the way.

That's why I've created #GenXFlex. In this program I'm giving you 4 full length, full body workouts incorporating joint mobility, Pilates core strengthening, and weight training using dumbbells. Workouts require minimal equipment so you can do them anytime, anywhere, and I've included movement options for different levels of ability. There's also a full body mat Pilates workout, AND a full body mobility class. That's a total of 6 full length workouts!

But that's not all. I'm taking the guess work out by providing you with 3 different programming schedules to choose from depending on your availability so that you can remain consistent with your program.

We're not just flexing our muscles in GenX Flex, we're flexing our brains, building strong bones, a healthy heart, confidence, and resilience too!  

Bonus: I'm going to include a 25% off coupon you can apply to the Winter cohort of Basic Essentials for Active and Athletic women, "The B.E.A². Hive". This is my signature 10-week fitness program that includes weekly live classes, recorded classes, a 1:1 Strategy Call with me, community of support and more. So, if you love "GenX Flex" as much as I know you will, you will love "The B.E.A². Hive" even more. 

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