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Perfectly Balanced

Pilates and More, LLC


Jill Koshak-Johnson, MPT, PCES, Pilates Instructor

Owner, Creator of #TheB.E.A².Hive and #RehabToResilience

Personalized programming and group fitness to restore function, improve performance, build strength, confidence and resilience so that you can remain active and athletic through all the seasons of your life.


The Perfectly Balanced B.E.A². Hive

Basic Essentials for Active and Athletic Women

Using my signature blend of Pilates, Weight Training, and Yoga to establish a foundation of mobility, stability, strength and balance.

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What Is The B.E.A². Hive

A new approach to fitness

Are you tired of the all or nothing mentality ? Are you fed up with workouts that leave you feeling trashed ?

When you're a woman in midlife you have to train smarter not harder. Maintaining mobility is essential for joint health. 

Weight training is non-negotiable for building muscle mass and maintaining bone density. 

Yoga recovery to calm the nervous system and cool down.

In this program we meet weekly for a live workout. All workouts are recorded so you won't miss a thing if you are unable to make the live. You will have access to the growing workout playlist for the duration of the program as well as a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share your struggles and wins, receive support and accountability so that you can succeed at remaining consistent with your workouts and work towards your fitness goals of remaining active and athletic at all seasons in life.


Why Did I Create The B.E.A². Hive?

It is my mission to make aging with strength, confidence and resilience the norm instead of a novelty. There is no age limit on remaining active and acknowledging your inner athlete

By combining the primary principle of Pilates with weight training you will be able to experience increased self-awareness, become deeply connected to your core, maintain spine and joint mobility, and build a solid foundation of stability, strength and balance so that you can remain active and honor your inner athlete for years to come. That's what Basic Essentials for Active and Athletic women is all about. 

You don't have to view your inner athlete from the rearview mirror. She lives inside all of us regardless of our age. Just because you may not be able to do the same things you did ages ago, doesn't mean that you can't acknowledge the spirit that lives within. 

How we express that in different seasons of our life will change. The things that once served us may not serve us well any longer. Our bodies are not the only thing that change with time. Our priorities change too.   

Our self-worth is not determined by the things we used to be able to do. Celebrate who and what you are today. Older yet wiser, more self-assured and confident, and giving less sh!ts about what other people think!